Marmot - Men's Jackets and Pants Size Chart & Fit Guide

  Your Chest Size
X SmallSmallMediumLargeX Large
 Your Waist Size
X SmallSmallMediumLargeX Large
cm68.5-73.576-78.581-8486 -91.594-99

Source: Marmot

Marmot are grounded in the principal of garments working with the natural movement of the body, with every garment designed to enhance, not restrict performance.  Marmot clothing comes in a variety of fit styles.  Check the product description to see which fit best suits you chosen activity and conditions.

Athletic: Tops - tailored in the shoulder with a fitted hem | Pants & Trousers - fitted at the waist, thru knees with a fitted cuff opening.

Semi-Fit: Tops only - Relaxed shoulder with tapered hem

Regular: Tops - relaxed shoulder with straight hem | Pants & Trousers - fitted waist,  tapers at knees with straight cuff opening.

Relaxed: Dropped shoulder with loose hem | Pants & Trousers - Relaxed at the waist, slight taper at knee with straight cuff opening.

Loose: Pants & Trousers only - loose at waist, straight thru knees with straight cuff opening.

In Our Opinion

Marmot apparel tends to fit very closely to the size chart above, so for a good fit, please go by these measurements.

We are confident in the fit of Marmot apparel because:

  • We have tried the jackets and pants on ourselves, in a full range of models and sizes.
  • We monitor customer returns.
  • We see customers wearing the jackets in our Retail Store

How to Measure Your Chest

Measure Guide
  • Wear just an undergarment or nothing at all.
  • Stand up straight with your arms hanging by your sides
  • Breath normally and run a soft tape measure under your arm pits over the largest part of your chest and across your shoulder blades. The tape measure should be snug, but not tight.

Jacket Dimensions

We strongly recommend that you never measure a jacket to determine the chest size you need.  Actual garment sizes differ substantially from the dimensions quoted in the table at the top of this page because the manufacturer makes allowances for:

  • The wearing of mid and / or base layers beneath the jacket
  • The freedom of movement required for snowboarding and hiking
  • The cut and style of the jacket
  • The insulation which may or may not be included in a particular jacket.

All of the above will differ depending on a jacket's specific design.  A jacket's physical dimensions will always be significantly greater than your actual chest measurement but this difference will also vary from jacket to jacket.

Still not sure what size to get?

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