Patagonia - Men's Snowboard & Ski Pants Size Chart

 Waist Size
X SmallSmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large


X SmallSmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large

Source: Patagonia

Patagonia's ski and snowboard pants come in four 'fits'. Check the product description to see which fit applies.

  • Formfitting: This is Patagonia's fitting style designed to conform to the body's contours.

  • Slim Fit: This is a slightly closer fitting style used in Patagonia's technical garments designed to be worn over baselayers and light midlayers.

  • Regular Fit: This is Patagonia's classic fit and is designed to be neither slim nor oversized.

  • Relaxed Fit: Similar to a regular fit however this fit provides a bit of extra room for movement and comfort.

In Our Opinion

The Patagoniasize chart is accurate and reliable.

We are confident in the fit of Patagonia pants because:

  • We have tried the pants on ourselves, in a full range of models and sizes.
  • We monitor customer returns.
  • We see customers wearing the pants in our Snowboard/Ski Shop
  • We have been selling them for years!

How to Measure Your Waist

  • Wear just an undergarment or nothing at all.
  • Stand up straight with your arms hanging by your sides
  • Breath normally and run a soft tape measure around your waist just about in line with your belly button. The tape measure should be snug, but not tight.

How to Measure Your Inside Leg

  • Wear just an undergarment or nothing at all.
  • Stand up straight with your arms hanging by your sides and your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Ask someone to help you to measure from your pelvis to the floor

Snowboard / Ski Pant Dimensions

The waist band size, as physically measured on a on a pair of snowboard or ski pants, will rarely be the same as that quoted by the manufacturer because the manufacturer quotes the waist measurement of the person the pants are designed to fit and the waist band rarely aligns with a person's natural waist line.  If a manufacturer quotes a 34" waist, the pants should fit you if you have a 34 inch waist but the waist band on the pants, depending on the cut of the pants, may not actually be 34 inches.

When you measure the inseam on a pair of snowboard or ski pants, it should be similar to your own inside leg measurement but people often wear snowboard or ski pants with shorter inseams than their inside leg measurement or their normal street trousers because:
a) Snowboard and ski boots are bulky and rise up your leg a fair way. 
b) It's the fashion to wear your pants with the crotch low down towards your knees so, if you are one of these people, the inside leg measurement makes precious little difference.  
People also wear pants with extra long legs if they like the bunched up look. 

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