The Absolute Guide To Your Perfect Ski Boot Size

For the majority of people the hardest part of buying a ski boot is sizing, it doesn’t translate very well to your UK size. Ski boots are measured in Mondopoint which can be confusing but the Mondopoint measurement/length is in centimetres, so you can easily work this out at home with a tape measure. In order to correctly measure your foot make sure that you’re stood in a ski position measuring from the back of the heel to the longest toe. 

Ski boot shells are only made in full size increments, a 26.0 boot and a 26.5 boot normally use the exact same shell and there is little or no difference in the fit and should feel identical.

Once you have your correct size you can adjust the filters on the left hand side of our Ski Boots Page to narrow down our range to find boots suitable for your size.

How A New Ski Boot Should Feel & What To Expect

As sports footwear designed to give you control over your skis ski boots can feel very tight, especially when trying on brand new boots as it is worth bearing in mind that straight out of the box the boots will feel the tightest their ever going to be.

It can take a trip or two away to bed the ski boot liners to your foot shape. Your foot may feel a little too tight to begin with and this is normal, the equivalent of a firm handshake but once they have been bedded in the boots should still feel a firm fit but without areas of discomfort. In some cases the best possible boot off the shelf for your foot shape will still need adjustments from a boot fitter which is why modern ski boot materials are designed for customisation.

When initially trying on a ski boot it is normal to feel your toes touching the end, this is due to your foot and leg not yet being positioned in the boot correctly. By doing up the buckles and flexing forwards into a ski position your heel will slide into the back of the boot, this in turn will put your foot into the correct position and your toes will come away from the end.

Comfort Fit

Providing the best level of comfort straight from the box and generally our most popular fit for the majority of skiers who ski no more than three weeks a year.

Performance Fit

Balancing the fine line between comfort and performance, some customisation may be needed to achieve the desired fit. This is aimed towards the following skier:

●Advanced to Expert skiers

●Skiers undertaking qualification/technical courses

●Aggressive skiers or those that ski varied terrain such as powder or moguls

The Chart below converts your UK and European size into Mondopoint, once you have the correct size you can apply this to the Filters on the left hand side of either our Mens/Unisex ski boots page or Women's specific ski boots page which will show you the suitable boots for your foot size.

Mondopoint (Comfort Fit)Monodopoint (Performance Fit)UK SizeEuropean Size
22 / 22.521 / 21.5335.0
22 / 22.522 / 22.53.535.5
23 / 23.522 / 22.5436.5
23 / 23.523 / 23.54.537.0
24 / 24.523 / 23.5538.0
24 / 24.524 / 24.55.538.5
25 / 25.524 / 24.5639.0
25 / 25.525 / 25.56.540.0
26 / 26.525 / 25.5740.5
26 / 26.526 / 26.57.541.0
26 / 26.526 / 26.5842.0
27 / 27.526 / 26.58.542.5
27 / 27.527 / 27.5943.0
28 / 28.527 / 27.59.544.0
28 / 28.528 / 28.51044.5
29 / 29.528 / 28.510.545.0
29 / 29.528 / 28.51145.5
29 / 29.529 / 29.511.546.0
30 / 30.529 / 29.51247.0
30 / 30.530 / 30.512.547.5
31 / 31.530 / 30.51348.0


This chart should be used as a guide and we always suggest making use of our complementary bootfitting service, however if this is not possible we have created a Ski boot buying guide which may aid you further when buying ski boots online.

If you require any further assistance regarding sizing or have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us HERE.