Vaude - Backpack Size Chart, Guide & Measurements

To choose a backpack which fits you perfectly, Vaude suggest you simply use your height then refer the table below:

                                 Vaude Backpacks                             
 Your Height
GenderSizeCmFeet and Inches
Women'sAll155 - 178 5' 1" - 5' 10" 
Unisex M / L162 - 185  5' 4" - 6' 1"
UnisexXL180 - 203 5' 11" - 6' 8" 

Source: Vaude

In Our Opinion

The Vaude size chart is accurate and reliable and should fit according to the measurements given. We are confident in the fit of Vaude backpacks because:

● They have gone to the trouble of preparing this size information!

● We have tried them ourselves, in a full range of models and sizes.

● We see customers testing for size in our Mountain Sports Shop

● We have been selling them for years!

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