Bawbags is a brand like no other in snowsports - they give a large proportion of their profit to charity! Their boxers, underwear and thermals are great fun, very technical - ideal for skiing and snowboarding - and you are funding charitable causes, such as the male cancer charity Orchid and Medical Detection Dogs when you buy a pair.

Bawbags was created with a simple objective - to create fun, technical action and snow sports boxers whilst raising money for charity! It is a brand with deep Scottish heritage, established in 2007 at the local pub, and it has since grown and achieved everything it aspired to and more. £25,000 has now been raised for charity and Bawbags boast a huge range of athletes in their Pro Team, skiers, snowboarders, BMXers, skaters, rugby professionals - the list goes on!

Bawbags have a clear sense of fun in their design and build - they believe life is too short for boring boxers! With bright colourful designs and a huge underwear range for both men and women, there is now something for everyone. 2013 was the year that saw Bawbags release their first thermals, with their own inspired TWAT (technical wicking active technology) fabric!

They are starting to expand out their range and hopefully, in turn, give back more to the charities that they set out to help.


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Bawbags V.I.B Men's Boxer Shorts, S Tartan
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Bawbags V.I.B Men's Boxer Shorts

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