Bla Band

Blå Band offer high-quality camping and trekking food in a lightweight and practical design that makes them quick and easy to use on the trail.

Hailing from Scandinavia, Blå Band ('Blue Band') are market leaders in backpacking and expedition meals.  Founded through a collaboration with the Swedish military; their freeze-dried meals have been developed with a focus on practicality and nutrition making them a must have for every outdoor enthusiast.

Blå Band offers a wide range of great tasting meals, all ready to eat within 10 minutes.  Each Blå Band meal features a heat insulating pouch made from Flextrus Transofoil®, which is fully recyclable as a plastic.  A pull-out base provides a freestanding design while the packet's wider shape makes them very easy to eat from.

The freeze-drying process gives Blå Band a long shelf life (up to 3 years) while also making for a lighter pack weight over dehydrated meals.  Freeze-dried foods also retain more of their nutritional values making them a better choice for high-energy outdoor activities.    

Blå Band meals cater to those with special dietary requirements with meals that are suitable for vegetarians and those with lactose and gluten intolerances.  The list of ingredients also highlights potential allergens in bold writing to help customers easily identify any ingredients that may disagree with them.

A firm trekking and expedition favourite, Blå Band deliver high-quality single-pouch meals for those looking for hearty and great tasting trail food. 


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Bla Band Pasta + Cheese & Broccoli Camping & Backpacking Food
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Bla Band Pasta + Cheese & Broccoli Camping & Backpacking Food

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