Decent gives you a premium yet affordable electric scooter with a practical folding design that's ideal for city commutes & leisure...

The Decent E-Scooter X7 gives first-time buyers and those on a budget an all-around electric scooter with a pocket-friendly price-tag without sacrificing on practical performance.  The X7 delivers a host of features; not least among them, 10" pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride with incredible grip and clearance. Add to this a quick and easy to change 5000mAh battery; integrated LCD, and triple-brake system and plenty more besides.

The standard 5000mAh battery is housed in the steering tube making it quick and easy to remove for charging.  The standard battery can be upgraded to a 6400mAh unit giving users a much greater range.  The modular design means a spare battery can be carried with or kept at your destination to be switched out for a return trip, making this a great e-scooter for commuters.

Full range of features includes:

  • 10 Inch tyres

  • 5Ah replaceable battery (can be upgraded to a 6.4Ah battery)

  • Great for offroad use with a ground clearance of 12cm

  • Single 350W Motor 

  • LCD Display to show speed and remaining battery

  • Built-in cruise control 

  • Front LED’s for night riding

  • Max Speed 25km/h

  • 10 miles range with standard battery

  • 15 miles range with upgraded battery

  • Man load of 150kg


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Decent One Max Folding Electric Scooter, Black
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Decent One Max Folding Electric Scooter

Decent One Folding Electric Scooter, Black
more colours available

Decent ONE Folding Electric Scooter

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