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Firepot offers a wide range of healthy, nutrition-rich single pouch meals for outdoor enthusiasts.

Five years in the making, Firepot was conceived on the windswept trails of Greenland; finally coming to fruition in a barn in rural Dorset.  Founded on the principle of delicious, natural and nutritious food, Firepot use only ingredients sourced from local farms and markets. From British beef mince direct from the local butcher in Bridport to fresh vegetables from the local greengrocer in Chideock.

Unlike typical freeze-dried meals that rely on drying ingredients separately, Firepot use a slow cooking technique with all their recipes to deliver a healthy, hearty meal that is then dehydrated before packaging. Firepot takes pride in using only familiar, homestyle ingredients; developing and refining recipes over months to find the perfect balance of taste and nutritional integrity.  You'll find no artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives - just a pinch of salt for flavour.  Unlike the mass-market brands, Firepot will never use palm oil in their recipes.

2019 sees Firepot launch their compostable eco-packaging.  Designed as a greener alternative to their main range of standard plastic pouches, these fully compostable bags are made from bio-based sources, including sugar cane, which means they are fully compostable and should disintegrate within a year in compost - faster if the levels of warmth, moisture and air exposure are right.  Unlike biodegradable materials which simply break down into ever smaller pieces, compostable packaging breaks down to nothing, meaning the food chain isn't polluted at any level.

When it comes to outdoor meals, Firepot offers simple, nutritious and hearty single pot meal choices.  Their range of unique and delicious food pouches cater to all tastes and dietary needs with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals among their fare.  The perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a healthy and sustainable meal choice for their next adventure - just add water!   

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