Floa are an up and coming brand who specialise in technical base layers. Specifically, ergonomic garments that create an essential layer between your outerwear and skin to keep you warmer and shredding for longer! 

Whether it's developing ground-breaking technical apparel or working together as a team, at FLOA everything we do is about being inflow.

Whether you are a world-class athlete, a dedicated sports professional or someone who enjoys adventure and the outdoors, FLOA creates activewear so you can enjoy your passions safe in the knowledge that you have the best clothing possible.

For us, at FLOA this starts with the first layer you put on and the last layer you take off. Your foundation layer, your second skin. The base layer on which you build your layering system for your chosen action sport each and every day.

Join us for the ride, find your flow and discover new horizons as you live life in the zone.


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Floa Backcountry Baselayer Legging, S/M Silver
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Floa Backcountry Baselayer Legging


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