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High Life is at the forefront of the development of natural treatments for one's skin. A research-based approach for developing hand creams with an emphasis on the quality of ingredients and an awareness of their possible effect on human skin has resulted in a refined system of skincare products for the modern outdoor individuals. 

Founded by Owona Kagodzinska, High Life is built on the foundation that quality is more important than profit. Her passions of dermatology, research and rock climbing led her to develop a balm which would not have negative effects on the environment. Owona prioritises sourcing locally, supporting local businesses and minimising the use of plastic to zero in her product production. The aim here is to live up to the companies ethics of using only 100% natural ingredients to assist in the healing of hardworking hands. 


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High Life Frankincense Tin Cream Hand Balm, 28g 100% Natural
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High Life Frankincense Tin Cream Hand Balm

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