Holden is the modern independent eco-friendlier outerwear brand. Timeless quality, market-leading style, innovative ideas, and an openness to be you—these are the principles that set Holden apart.

Holden outerwear and clothing was started after pro snowboarder, Mikey Le Blanc, got bummed out by the boxes of outerwear that used to arrived from his sponsors, which constantly failed to cater for what the discerning winter sports enthusiast needs. So, in a bid to sort this little problem out, Holden was born.

Made from the industries finest materials, Holden create products which are ultra functional, hard wearing and feel like a quality garment when you finally get your hands on their product. 

The Holden ECO commitment is also a huge part of the Holden outerwear ethos. All of their snowboard clothing is made with the environment in mind, and while they do not claim to be an environmental brand, the global issue is always at the back of their mind when they create these high quality, super functional garments for us all to enjoy.

Once you strip Holden back to the bones, and disregard the unique look and styling, what you are left with is ultra functional outerwear that will last a lifetime!

Holden - Thank you for being you


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Holden Womens Skinny Standard Women's Ski/Snowboard Pants, M Black
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Holden Skinny Standard Women's Ski/Snowboard Pants

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