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Katadyn are a Swiss company dedicated to producing portable, personal water treatment systems and products for the outdoors and for people on the move.

In 1928, Swiss scientist Professor Alexander Krause discovered and developed a brand new method for chemically treating and preserving clean drinking water. He found that silver chloride could be used to catalyse a biochemical process which neutralises harmful bacteria, parasites, toxins and other contaminants in water and render it safe for consumption.

Krause formed a company with the aim of industrialising and mass-marketing his ground-breaking “catabolic silver tablets" to the world, naming the company Katadyn, after the process of catalysis.

Since then, Katadyn have become world leaders in producing portable, personal water treatment systems and products for the outdoor and marine industries. Working under their company motto and mission statement of “making water drinking water” Katadyn are responsible for many new inventions and innovations in this field, such as launching the world's first pocket filter for portable drinking water treatment 1958. Even up to the modern day, Krause’s original recipe and method for producing water purifying tablets using silver chloride has remained virtually unchanged.

Over the course of their 90-year history, Katadyn have gained a reputation for their high standards of quality and reliability and have a product line which ranges from water filters and Micropur tablets to industrial marine desalinators. They have provided clean water solutions even to the most remote corners of the globe and have worked with countless charities, relief organisations, national armed forces and industrial clients all over the world.

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