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Pilates Mad specialises in strength training, fitness, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Mad equipment is the choice of many leading gyms, health clubs and studios and is designed to offer high performance matched with excellent value for money.

Pilates Mad forms part of the The-Mad-Group and sits alongside their other exercise-related brands: Fitness Mad and Yoga Mad.

The-Mad-Group was founded in 1923 and is based in Worcestershire, UK. The company remains family-run to this day and has grown to offer leading fitness, health and wellbeing equipment across a range of disciplines to leading studios, clubs, fitness professionals, retailers, and businesses. Designed to offer high performance matched with excellent value for money, Pilates Mad ships to clients all over the world.

Whatever aspect of your fitness or well-being that you wish to improve, or whatever you level of fitness experience, or if you are coming back from an injury, there is a Pilates Mad product that can help. 

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