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Planks clothing started in 2008 selling T-Shirts and beanies in Val d'lsere featuring their iconic catchy slogans, and continue to grow with their Ride In all mountain wear and the great goggles and sunglasses in their Planks Vision collection.

Planks Clothing is a British rider-owned ski company, founded in the French Alps. Born out of our intoxicating passion for skiing, our aim is to build a community of skiers around the world and give back to the people who make this sport so special. Developing products with personality and performance that allow people to have good times in the mountains, whilst being conscious about the planet we love. Planks are committed to questioning the status quo of the ski industry, in order to inspire anew generation of skiers.

Planks has been inspired by generations of skiers who have rebelled against the traditional idea of what skiing should be. From hot-dogging to smashing bumps, from dropping cliffs to ripping turns, skiing has always been cool! But in 2008, there was something fundamentally missing from skiing. Ski outerwear was vanilla and Planks wanted chocolate, strawberry, mint and coffee, in fact, the whole ice cream parlour. Planks didn't want to start standing sideways just to look cool, they wanted a look that reflected who they were and what they stand for as skiers. Something had to change so Planks began to give skiers their own voice and their own identity.

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