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Pulpo are the creators of the Pulpo Leash - a silicone phone accessory with an inbuilt retractable leash designed to keep your smart phone clipped securely to your body - great as an anti-theft device but also a solution to protect from damage and loss in case you drop your phone. It can also be used as a sturdy bike mount.

Pulpo is the Spanish word for Octopus, an apt name and mascot for a brand that creates an extra secure limb and lifeline for your smart phone. Inspired by common problems all smart phone users face where the risk of loss, accidental dropping or theft are all possible and probable outcomes of ownership, Pulpo Leash was created to add peace of mind and tangible security against all of those scenarios.

After breaking, losing and being robbed of numerous phones at music festivals, on the slopes, commuting and more, the creator of Pulpo handmade a device that attached her phone to her purse ahead of a trip to Ibiza in 2012. In 2019 the official product you see today was born. Created to share the carefree feeling of not having to worry about your expensive smart phone while you are out and about.

"By a wanderer, for a wanderer. By a clumsy, for a clumsy"

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