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Real Turmat

Real Turmat gives you tasty & nutritional hot trail food that can be ready to go with a minimum of preparation...

Hailing from the arctic reaches of Tromsø in Northern Norway, Real Turmat camp food is driven by one goal: to preserve the great taste and natural energy of every ingredient. To them, good food is a result of patience with all their flavours grown at their own pace. Just like nature, it all comes naturally.

Using their very own form of freeze-drying technology called Drytech, meals are prepared and then frozen down to very low temperatures – ultra fast. Heat is then gently added in a way that neither taste, colour, energy nor vital vitamins can escape. Once all water has been removed, the meal is sealed in a vacuum pack to ensure both freshness and a compact size.

Each Real Turmat meal comes in a heat-insulating pouch to safeguard contents. A pull-out base provides a freestanding design while a water-level indicator and press-seal closure feature as standard.

The Drytech process gives Real Turmat a long shelf life (5 years from the date of manufacture) while also making for a lighter pack weight over dehydrated meals. Freeze-dried foods also retain more of their nutritional values making them a better choice for high-energy outdoor activities.

Real Turmat outdoor meals cater to those with special dietary requirements. The list of ingredients highlights potential allergens in bold writing to help customers easily identify any ingredients that may disagree with them.

A firm trekking and expedition favourite, Real Turmat gives you premium quality, single-pouch meals for camping, trekking, and expeditions.


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Look out for the “Staff Picks” logo to see products that come highly recommended by our team
Real Turmat Beef & Potato Casserole Camping & Hiking Food
more colours available
Real Turmat Pasta Bolognese Camping & Hiking Food, Single Pouch
more colours available

Viewing 2 out of 2