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Stubai are driven to create high quality ice climbing and mountaineering equipment.  Their dedication to performance and value keeps them at the forefront of European alpine adventure. 

The Stubai Valley has a rich history in metallurgy, with evidence of steelworks tracing back to the 14th century.  It continues to this day with Stubai who still harness the water flowing from the surrounding glaciers to power their foundries.

Founded in 1897, Stubai embody a passion to combine the best materials and manufacturing techniques with cutting edge design to create long lasting, performance outdoors equipment.  Their team of expert climbers, guides and engineers are constantly seeking to raise the bar in innovation through new technologies and ideas.  Grounded in values of quality and safety their designs deliver reliable and hard wearing climbing gear, and have attained a firm following in the mountaineering community the world over.  From the all round Whitestar ice axe and Trekking Universal crampons to the technical Hornet Ice Tool and Tirol Professional Crampons they strive to blend form and function with long lasting, practical designs.

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