Creators of the first and original self-inflating sleeping mattress, Therm-a-Rest are world leaders in outdoor comfort, with the most extensive and innovative range of outdoor comfort products available. 

Born from a desire for a better nights sleep while exploring the mountains and back country, alongside for the need to help others better enjoy the outdoors the founders so loved, as well as a devastating economic blow in Seattle, the industry leading company Therm-a-Rest was created, and has flourished to become a much loved and much trusted producer of high quality outdoor comfort solutions. 

Therm-a-Rest invented the very first self-inflating camping mattress in 1972, and have continued to be pioneers in their field ever since. The aim was to create the best portable outdoor comfort solutions, and with a vast and award-winning range of mattresses, sleeping bags, cots, hammocks, chairs, pillows and much more to date, it would be a lie to say they have not accomplished their goal. 

With an array of technologies used in their gear, it's no wonder Therm-a-Rest are a popular, trusted brand for millions of outdoor enthusiasts. Technology used includes ThermaCapture™, a radiant heat technology. This is a reflective coating applied to a range of Therm-a-Rest surfaces, and works by reflecting radiant heat back to your body that is otherwise lost. The extremely lightweight coating turns that surface into an extremely efficient heat reflector, increasing warmth without the added bulk or weight of added, conventional insulating materials. ThermaCapture™ is used throughout Therm-a-Rest's range, including in the NeoAir™ Mattress; RidgeRest™ and Z Lite™ Mattresses and sleeping bags. This technology is used in these products to boost warmth by up to 50% in some, and even considering the extra warmth, it allows for lighter gear. 

In the NeoAir™ Mattresses, alongside ThermaCapture™, Triangular Core Matrix™ is utilised to minimise heat loss with two stacked layers of triangular baffles, creating hundreds of individual cells. This internal structure also adds an unmatched level of stability to every mattress. Alongside these is the use of Wave Core™ technology, which slows convective heat loss by using a single layer of horizontal wave baffles. This doubles the warmth than that of an uninsulated air mattress, without adding the bulk of more conventional insulation's, thereby creating a strong, fair-weather insulated air mattress that still maintains three-season performance.

Self-inflation is obviously quite a fundamental part of what Therm-a-Rest do, seeing as they created the first ever one, and still remain true to their roots. An Air Frame™ construction allows high-loft comfort and compressibility, as well as convenience, added stability and support. Vertically Die-Cut Foams slows convective heat loss, and doubles the warmth of an uninsulated air mattress, maintaining three-season performance. Thermal foams, created and advanced by Therm-a-Rest over decades, provides the best balance of light weight, lasting durability, and uniformity of support. Pressure Mapping has allowed Therm-a-Rest to vary the desnity of a mattress's core to address specific needs of support or softness. 

Therm-a-Rest also have a range of Closed Cell Mattresses, including the RidgeRest™ and Z Lite™ ranges. The closed cell technology in these boosts effectiveness and comfort of tradition, flat closed-cell foam pads with heat-formed peaks and valleys. The wave patterns used in each range increase dead air space beneath you to increase warmth, while maintaining support and comfort. All but the RidgeRest Classic in these two ranges combine these benfits with a dual-density construction that combines a denser, more durable foam with a softer foam on top for longer lasting comfort. 

The range of sleeping bags on offer from Therm-a-Rest also utilises cutting-edge technology for high performance, including SynergyLink™ Connectors, which integrate sleeping mattress and bag, as well as Zoned Insulation, which puts loft where you need it most - on top of you where it traps rising heat. The patent-pending Toe-Asis™ Foot Warmer offers a baffled pocket of insulation in the footbox of their Women's down and synthetic sleeping bags. Therm-a-Rest use NikWax™ Hydrophobic Down in all Therm-a-Rest 3 and 4-season sleeping bags, which absorbs 40% less moisture than untreated down, keeping you warmer and allows it to quick dry and restore performance faster. NikWax™ Hydrophobic Down is a water-based formula, with no PFO's, PFOA's or PFC's, making it safe for you and the environment. Finally, Therm-a-Rest utilises eraLoft™ Synthetic Insulation, which is a highly efficient and compressible synthetic insulation: this insulation traps heat, sheds weight, maximizes loft and compressibility, while maintaining warmth when wet. 

So much technology, expanded upon and perfected over 45 years to bring you comfortable, high quality and exceptionally performing outdoor comfort products. Created to make the outdoors a more comfortable place for everyone to explore and enjoy: Therm-a-Rest have shot past their original target and are not slowing down. 


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ThermaRest Argo Blanket Thermal Camping Blanket

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