Fragrant and moisture-absorbing shoe deodorisers - Saving the world from fruity feet!
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If you're an active person, you know that unfortunately shoes and boots do not always keep their brand new smell. Over time, that needs to be controlled - enter Boot Bananas! Boot Bananas keep footwear dry and fresh using moisture-absorbent minerals and fragrant essential oils with anti-bacterial properties.

Originally designed for climbing shoes which are renowned for a less than pleasant smell after multiple uses, these banana shaped shoe deodorisers can actually be used in all shoes including running, biking, hiking, snowboarding and everyday pumps.

Made from all natural ingredients, they emit a pleasant smell to keep your shoes nice and fresh. They have a really neat feature known as the 'Ripeness Indicator' where as they soak up moisture, they will slowly 'ripen' and change colour. You will be able to tell when your Boot Bananas are ready to be replaced because they will turn entirely brown and need to be replaced.

To extend the life of your Boot Bananas, dry them out in the sun or near a radiator and store them in the resealable pouch that they come in when not in use. Do not store in pouch when wet.

The Lowdown
  • One pair of Boot Bananas
  • Held together with a carabiner
  • Packaged in a reusable ziplock bag
  • All natural ingredients
  • Ripeness Indicator - when the bananas get fully saturated they will turn brown and its time to replace them (approximately 6 months, depending on use)
Active Ingredients
  • Naturally absorbent bamboo charcoal - Amazingly adsorptive material due to its very porous structure which gives it a huge surface area. Bamboo charcoal is used to control humidity and eliminate odours, moisture is locked in and dry air released.
  • Sodium bicarbonate - Another of the wonder ingredients that has a list of applications, ancient Egyptians used it as a form of soap through to cleansing & cleaning in the home up to the present day. Sodium bicarbonate is also great at adsorbing moisture.
  • Zeolite - This material is also incredibly good at adsorption and has a wide range of applications from deodorizing in cat litter to purifying water.
  • Natural frangrances (lavender, lemon, patcholi, tea-tree oils)
  • Tea tree oil - Well know for its use as a traditional herbal medicine. Recent studies support a role for the topical application of tea tree oil in skin care and for the treatment of various diseases and conditions
  • Lavender oil - Advocates of alternative medicine claim that lavender oil can be used as an antiseptic and topical anaesthetic. Lavender also has relaxing properties when used in aromatherapy
  • Lemon oil - Said to have antibacterial properties as well as a lovely fresh scent
  • All wrapped and handsewn in a 100% breathable cotton skin
Ideal for climbers, runners, snowboarders, bikers, skiers, hikers and everyday shoes

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