KesslerKessler The Ride Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 158cm, Ex Demo, 2014

Kessler The Ride Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 158cm, Ex Demo, 2014
  • Kessler The Ride Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 158cm, Ex Demo, 2014
  • Kessler The Ride Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 158cm, Ex Demo, 2014
  • Kessler The Ride Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 158cm, Ex Demo, 2014
  • Kessler The Ride Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 158cm, Ex Demo, 2014

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White Deck, Black Base
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Kessler Brand Profile


The most premium snowboard you will ever ride. Handmade in Switzerland and complete with Klothoid technology, these boards perform like nothing else on the market

Handmade in Switzerland and designed by Hansjurg Kessler, the Kessler Ride represents the very pinnacle of all mountain riding, and features some cutting edge technologies combined with the the very best materials to create a snowboard that really does perform like nothing else on the market.

Kessler have 3 snowboards in their range – an Alpine race board (The Alpine), a boarder cross race board (The Cross) and The Kessler Ride – which is the board best suited to aspiring racers – being the most user friendly and rideable board in their range with hardly any loss of top end speed, acceleration or carving performance. Designed by the legendary Hansjurg Kessler and hand made in Switzerland, Kessler snowboards were the first in the world to enable full-blown power riding without compromising effortless handling and total control. The philosophy is simple: make a fast snowboard using the very latest and best high tech materials but make it easy to ride because only when you are in total control of your snowboard will you be able to ride fast. This is why so many winning racers ride Kessler. When discussing the design philosophy with Hansjurg, he claimed the boards are so easy to ride they can be ridden by a beginner. Most of our team were sceptics until we went for our first test rides – now we are all Kessler converts! The Kessler Ride represents the very pinnacle of all mountain freeride snowboarding, incorporating design innovations others can only emulate. Hand made craftsmanship and the use of the very best materials results in a snowboard that really does outperform everything else on the market.

One of the most innovative features on the Kessler Ride is the use of their Hybrid camber profile. This profile is very similar to a traditional 'positive camber' profile, but features a reverse camber section in the nose and tail, which engage when the board is loaded. This means that you are getting the energetic, lively, and powerful benefits of traditional camber, but the catch free, floaty feel of a reverse camber when you want your snowboard to be more versatile. Checkout our team review of this shape: Read More

Up until recently, Kessler licensed their KST technology to Palmer, who used it in their premium all mountain freestyle model, the Palmer Platinum (Retailed at £1200). Sadly the Palmer Platinum is no more, so we have gone to the source of the technology to find out what they have been producing in recent years, which is where we came across the Kessler Ride! This board is the perfect companion to any rider out there who is looking for the finest crafted snowboard on the market and wants the versatility to not only beat everyone else on the mountain to the lodge, but do it on a snowboard which will allow them to do it in ultimate style. The ride is easy, fun and extremely versatile, but is backed up by technologies that give you performance of a world class athlete.

If you want to understand what makes a Kessler snowboard so easy to ride and therefore so fast, please read more about Klothoid Shape Technology (Read More) and Kessler’s innovative Camber Profile (Read More). It is these two design innovations which, when working together, make Kessler snowboards so predictable and easy to ride.

Kessler specialise in hand built snowboards so, if you would like a custom board hand built to your own specifications, please contact us. Custom prices come in at around euro £1,200 depending on your specific requirements.

The Lowdown

  • Rider Profile: Beginner to Advanced (a big claim but true - due to the Hybrid Camber profile)
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain Freeride
  • Camber Profile: Kessler Hybrid Camber Read More
  • Shape: Directional, with a shorted nose and tail to give you more effective edge and allow your board to ride longer when you want it, but shorter at slower speeds Read More
  • Base: Premium stone ground 7200 graphite base Read More
  • Flex: Responsive
  • Specifications: Read More
  • Condition: Ex Demo - This board has been ridden twice and is in perfect condition. There are two binding marks on the top sheet but the rest of the board is immaculate!

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