Lib TechLib-Tech DARK SERIES MTX Snowboard - Ex Display

Lib-Tech DARK SERIES MTX Snowboard - Ex Display
  • Lib-Tech DARK SERIES MTX Snowboard - Ex Display

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158 cm
Brand Colour
Black and Red Deck, Red and White Base
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Skate Influenced Park And Pipe Snowboard For Intemediate/Advanced Riders This snowboard comes with integrated riser plates, so is ideal for big footed riders, as well as Magnatraction

Lib Tech designed the skate-influenced Dark Series Magnetraction Snowboard to give progressive riders an incredible feel in the terrain park and on downtown rails. The wave-shaped magne-edges give this board multiple contact points, so even icy parks feel like they were just groomed five-minutes ago. Lib Tech's Golden Fleece composite core material gives the Dark Series Snowboard pop like nothing else, and to complete the package, ultra-tough UHMW sidewalls hold up to the abuse of a rail session, and the fast sintered base lets you charge a big in-run with everything you have.

This board also has Magnatraction. This is one of Lib-tech's top design features. Basically, the boards have very subtle waves on the edges. This is a complete overhaul of the 'two contact point' ski theory. Conventional skis and snowboards have two contact points. Lib-Tech Magne-Traction boards have seven! Seven is more than two. With Magne-Traction, when your two outside contact points lose grip, you've still got five more to take over. You won't fall as much. It rides like a skateboard. Control and turn initiation come from under your feet, not a foot and a half to either side of your feet. This gives you better edge hold, which in effect turns ice into powder!

The deck of this snowboard is raised up around the binding area. This has 2 big advantages 1) it allows the rider to get more leverage, especially on toes side, enabling much snappier edge to edge transitions. 2) It prevents toe and heel drag, allowing bigger footed riders to ride a regular width board. This also allows for much snappier transitions. For a 158, this board is relatively wide anyway. Without the riser plates it would be good for UK boots up to 10.5 but, because it has risers, we reckon you'd be OK on this board with boots up to a UK 12. There is, however, no downside to this board if you only have size 8 boots.

Please note: This board is ex display. It is brand new and unused but has some minor cosmetic scuffs on the deck.

Features Include:

  • Correct sandwich construction - Super lightweight with a firm overall flex
  • MC Magna traction - 7 contact points between the board and snow as opposed to 2, meaning more grip. Litrally turns icey pipes into pure powder
  • Twin harmonic geometries - lliptical sidecuts, elliptical core profiles & elliptical camber all work in harmony to maximize edge control and pop
  • Golden fleece fibres - 92% stronger than conventional fibreglass, made from molten lava!!!
  • Double sintered UHMW sidewalls - extra tough, and light
  • Power transfer interior sidewalls - stronger, more pop, and more control
  • Power transfer spine - transfers energy from your feet to the tip and tail of the board
  • ORG throttle - 3-D riser system that features crossband wood platforms with edge to edge grain orientation that transfers energy directly from your feet to the power transfer internal sidewalls and out along your edges
  • Sintered UMHW base - super tough base material that holds wax well due to its compression formed amorphous polymer structure, making you super fast

  • Specification:

  • Length: 158cm
  • Waist Width: 25.1cm
  • Contact Length: 122cm
  • Sidecut: 8.3cm
  • Nose Width: 29.4cm
  • Tail Width: 29.4cm
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