OrtovoxOrtovox Merino Competition Long Thermal Pants, Small, Black

Ortovox Merino Competition Long Thermal Pants, Small, Black
  • Ortovox Merino Competition Long Thermal Pants, Small, Black
  • Ortovox Merino Competition Long Thermal Pants, Small, Black

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Men's Icebreaker style merino wool snowboard or ski base layer pants for ultimate performance

This is the Ortovox Competition - Men's long sleeve woollen base layer thermal pants - like Icebreaker, only better!

The Ortovox 'Competition' range of woollen thermals / base layers is the best if you snowboard or ski. We researched the market by looking at Icebreaker thermals and a host of other base layer brands and, without fear of contradiction, concluded that the Ortovox 'Competition' is the best around. We were not alone in reaching this conclusion. The Ortovox Merino Competition won the European Ski Award and the OutDoor Industry Award, both judged by independent juries.

Ortovox make a wide range of pure Merino wool thermals and base layers but the 'Competition' has been specifically produced for the active winter sports enthusiast and has several important features:

1 It is not 100% wool.
Wool is fantastic but, by adding 20% elasticated nylon, Ortovox have been able to create a thermal base layer which hugs the body. It is important for your base layer to fit close to your skin to keep you warm and effectively wick away moisture. 100% wool base layers are very good for many outdoor uses but they can stretch and become loose and baggy rendering them far less effective.

2 Technological Construction:
Unlike most wool base layers, the Competition is constructed using a range of different specialist fabrics, all merino wool with elasticated nylon, but all with different specialist properties. Have a look at the enlarged picture of the grey garment. The grey colour illustrates these materials more clearly than the black version. The aim is to trigger maximum performance in different muscle groups by providing a variety of different fabric stimuli. Every body part reacts differently. Some areas are more likely to feel cold, others sweat easily, some demand agility, others need to show stability. Ortovox have designed this garment to incorporate a highly breathable mesh design around your body's so called "Heat Spot" areas. The more cold sensitive areas are strengthened with insulation Merino 240, with 185 in the areas requiring greater freedom of movement. Ordinary icebreaker thermals use just one thickness and type of material throughout each garment.

3 Supreme comfort.
The comfort of merino wool is legendary. The Ortovox Competition adds to this comfort by providing near seamless construction - only the sleeves are sewn on - to all but eliminate rubbing and chaffing. Each garment is ultra light weight - approx 190 grammes - so you quickly forget you are wearing them and they take up next to no space in your luggage.

4 Practical
Meriono wool neutralises natural body odours. In tests our riders found they could go for 5 days without washing - and the thermals were good for 5 days too! Seriously, they do neutralise body owner so you really can wear them for a few days without washing them!
Easy to care for - machine wash, no tumble dry and no ironing.
Durable – the garment is woven in a ripple like structure, similar to the way the bark of a tree would form, guaranteeing durability, robustness and maximum elasticity.

The base layer we supply will be black. Sorry, we do not stock the grey version. We have included photos of the grey version simply to better illustrate the technical construction of the garment.

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