PiepsPieps DSP Tour Avalanche Transceiver Beacon, Yellow

Pieps DSP Tour Avalanche Transceiver Beacon, Yellow

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Slightly less powerful than it's bigger brother, the DSP, but still packed with features to stay safe in the mountains

This is the Pieps DSP Tour - the DSP's little brother!
Boasting pretty much the full array of features that the DSP has, only the DSP Tour is very slightly less powerful but does save your wallet!

Here is what we say about the Pieps DSP:

The Pieps DSP avalanche transceiver is one of the industry standard beacons that has led the way for multiple burial search and rescue.
The Pieps DSP excels in situations where time is of the essence. By using intuitive and easy to use functionality, the DSP is easy to deploy into search mode when the adrenaline is rushing!
where the Pieps DSP excels is in multiple burials. The DSP will automatically tell you the number of buried victims, and then work out the most efficient way to locate these victims.
The DSP also features an intelligent transmitter, which will automatically alter your signal timing to avoid overlap with other signals. This functionality makes the DSP extremely versatile, wether you are an experienced search and rescue specialist, or a first timer!
The Pieps DSP is also fully compatible with the Pieps I-Probe, which allows you to be fully equipped with some of the most cutting edge technology that is available on the market today!

Features Include:

  • Incredible Digital Range - Flux lines extend more than most transceivers on the market
  • Direction Indication - Points you to your buried victim
  • Distance Indication - Lets you know exactly how far away your victim you are
  • 3 Antennas - Allows exact pinpointing of buried victims
  • 50m Search Strip
  • I Probe Support - DSP can be temporarily deactivated by the IProbe for precise pinpointing
  • Self Checking - Gives you piece of mind by using the DSP's 4th antenna
  • Mark and Scan Fuctionality - Allows you to been extremely efficient in a multiple burial situation
  • Updates Available - Upgrade your DSP to the latest software easily

  • Specifications

  • Range - 50m
  • Dimensions - 116 x 35 x 27mm
  • Batteries - 3 x Alkaline
  • Warranty - 2 year (Extendible to 5 year)