Take your adventure further with this powerful, ultralight and compact solar charger!
Size:Os - Capacity: 10W
Colour: Black
Brand Colour:Black - Black
Product ID: 193061  
PTL-SG002 5060176980327
There is unlimited 'natural' power in the world. For over 15 years Powertraveller has been leading innovations in rechargeable battery and solar panel technology for outdoors enthusiasts and travellers alike.

Wherever you are, from trail to basecamp, the Solar Gorilla Portable Solar Charger lets you charge and power electronic devices and compatible power packs on the go. A great gadget for those venturing off the beaten path!

The Solar Gorilla gives you a tough and lightweight multi-voltage charging system ideal for powering up netbooks (under 40 watts), smarts phones, iPod, handheld games consoles, GPS, and many more devices. For the ultimate in outdoor power performance the Solar Gorilla is designed to be paired with the Power Gorilla power pack via the DC connection cable and L53D adaptor tip.

The Solar Gorilla works via two high performance PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, which generate electric current when exposed to sunlight. Glass solar panels offer greatly improved performance while handy LEDs indicate the strength of charge with the more UV intensity the better the efficiency. The technically advanced solar panels ensure reliable performance, all housed in a tough outer casing.

The hard case 'clamshell' design gives you a robust, water-resistant casing that stores easily in a pack or pannier and holds up to the knocks and scrapes of outdoor use. The compact size and low weight for its class (just 700g) makes it a highly convenient solar charger for travellers and backpackers looking to optimise their pack size and weight.

This is a fantastic addition to long stay outdoors adventures in areas where wall sockets might be few and far between. From backpacking and camping to backcountry touring and expeditions the Solar Gorilla from PowerTraveller lets you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without running out of power.

*Please note, Solar Gorilla is a charging option. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Power Gorilla via the L53D tip and some laptops under 40 Watts. It may not work with some laptops over 40 watts directly. It relies on the UV intensity of the sun; therefore, at certain times of the year it may not be suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere unless combined with the Power Gorilla.

  • Multi-voltage solar charging unit
  • 10W multi-voltage, clamshell solar charge
  • 1x USB output: 5V / 2A
  • 1x DC output: 20V / 0.5A
  • LED charge progress indicator
  • Size: 264 x 200 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 700g
In the Box:
  • Solargorilla portable solar charger
  • 1 x laptop tips set (10 pieces)
  • 1 x DC connection cable (2m)
  • 1 x USB connection cable (2m)
  • 1 x Female 12V socket
  • Velcro strap
  • Neoprene protective storage case
Works With:
  • SLR Cameras
  • iPads/Tablets
  • Laptops (type C PD)
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
  • Netbooks/laptops
  • Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Sat-Navs/GPS
  • Head Torches
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • Smartphones
  • GoPro / Action cameras
  • GPS
  • Sat Phones
  • Smartwatch

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