Amplifi Polymer Grom Kids' Biking & Snowboarding Elbow Pads
Amplifi Polymer Grom Kids' Biking & Snowboarding Elbow Pads

Polymer Grom Kids' Biking & Snowboarding Elbow Pads

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Low-profile, lightweight elbow pads to protect your kids on the slopes or trail


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About the Amplifi Polymer Grom

Whilst these elbow pads were originally made for mountain biking, they are also great for snowboarding and skiing! These Grom Elbow Pads are made with extreme sports in mind, aiming to reduce minor injuries and shield against bumps and bruises to the elbows.

Ensuring shock absorption but avoiding weighing down or restricting movement, Amplifi features 3D moulded foam panels to offer protection in vulnerable areas, whilst still enabling a free range of motion on the mountain.

These Grom Elbow pads are easy to slip on and stay in place with Amplifi's no-slip grip silicone hems.

Features Include
  • 3D Moulded Protection Pad
  • CE EN 1621-1 Certified
  • Laminated Air Neoprene
The self-proclaimed “science punks creating killer products in the technical bag & protection segment for summer and winter”, AMPLIFI designs and crafts top-notch equipment for ski, snowboarding and mountain biking.
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