Anon Deringer Women's Ski/Snowboard Goggles
Anon Deringer Women's Ski/Snowboard Goggles
Anon Deringer Women's Ski/Snowboard Goggles

Deringer Women's Ski/Snowboard Goggles

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Extreme comfort and crystal clear focus in the worst of conditions.


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About the Anon Deringer

The Deringer women's ski/snowboard goggles from Anon are an excellent goggle with great features to tackle extreme conditions with ultimate clarity and vision on the slopes.

The Deringer has a crisp, clean style and plenty of tech to boast about. A huge cylindrical lens allows you to see more of what's going on around you. These goggles have a lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane frame which is durable in all conditions and will conform to any face shape. The frame is fitted with Dual layer Face Foam which sits comfortably on the face and locks out the elements whilst wicking away moisture.

The frame also features channel venting to promote effective air flow drawing out warm air and drawing in cold air to prevent the risk of fogging. This works in tandem with excellent anti fog technology on the internal lens to provide crystal clear vision no matter what the weather throws at you.

The lens stretches far across the face which combats the common complaint that cylindrical goggles simply don't give a wide enough view. This unobstructed view and high quality polycarbonate lens gives 100% UV protection and a crystal clear view of the mountains. The Deringer is also OTG compatible meaning it can be comfortably worn with prescription glasses underneath.

The Deringer also come with Zeiss Sonar lenses. This superb technology is geared towards creating enhanced contrast and terrain recognition, to increase depth perception and create the best definition possible whilst retaining real world colours. Available on select models, these truly are one of the best lenses on the market.

These goggles are also compatible with Anon's MFI facemask. Using Anon's same tried and tested magnetic technology, they have created a facemask which can be snapped to the lower frame of the goggles. Normally when riding if you place a facemask too close to the frame of the goggles it causes warm air to condense inside the goggle creating irritating fog that can hinder vision. Fog will no longer be an issue keeping your vision clear no matter the conditions.

Features Include
  • Women's Specific Design - Designed to provide a perfect fit to female faces
  • Wall-To-Wall Vision - A lower profile frame design with 40% thinner face foam provides an ultra close fit that eliminates peripheral vision impairment
  • ICT - Integral Clarity Technology is a chemical anti-fog treatment that etches the surface of the lens to prevent moisture build up. This never fades and doesn't wipe off so your vision will always stay crystal clear
  • Full Perimeter Channel Venting - Ensures maximum airflow through the frame pulling in fresh air whilst venting hot air and moisture. This works with ICT anti-fog to ensure your vision stays clear
  • Dual Layer Face Foam - 2 layers of different density face foam create a seal between the goggles and your face to seal out the elements whilst wicking sweat to keep you dry and comfortable
  • TPU Frame - Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane stays soft and flexible in all conditions to seal out the elements and give a comfortable fit
  • MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) - Magnets on the bridge of the goggle match up with the nose of a specially designed facemask to give a perfect fit. This particular goggle does not come with a bonus face mask, but compatible ones are available via our website.
  • OTG Compatible - Can be worn over the majority of prescription glasses
  • Zeiss SONAR lenses - Anon have collaborated with renowned optical organisation Zeiss to produce some of the best lenses on the market. Working to filter specific wavelengths of blue light, Sonar lenses provided higher clarity of vision across a wider range of conditions. SONAR lenses are available on select models or as a replacement spare lens
The Lowdown
  • Lens Type: Cylindrical
  • Lens Tint: Sonar Smoke
  • Lens Finish: Mirror
  • Lens VLT: 7%
  • Lens Category: S4
  • Ideal Conditions: Sunny/Bright light
  • UV Protection: 100% UVA/B/C protection
  • Strap: Wide adjustable strap
  • Case: Micro-Fibre Goggle Bag
  • Helmet Compatibility: Compatible with all Anon Helmets and most other brands of helmets worn over or under the helmet
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes - Available Here
  • Extra Lens Included: Amber
  • Bonus Lens VLT: 55%
  • Bonus Lens Category: S1
  • Bonus Lens Ideal Conditions: Snow/Cloud
Anon are Burton's very own goggle, helmet & sunglasses brand and is long established as one of the leading snowboard accessories labels with a proud reputation for innovation, quality and style.
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