Anon Invert MIPS Ski/Snowboard Helmet
Anon Invert MIPS Ski/Snowboard Helmet
Anon Invert MIPS Ski/Snowboard Helmet

Invert MIPS Ski/Snowboard Helmet

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Lightweight and comfortable helmet from Anon with premium MIPS protective tech.

About the Anon Invert MIPS

The Anon Invert MIPS is a lightweight and comfortable ski/snowboard helmet that offers tons of protection with advanced MIPS protection.

MIPS technology (Multi-Directional Impact Protection) helps protect the head from angled impacts, which are more common in winter sports activities. A thin film layer between the head and the helmet allows the helmet to rotate slightly when subjugated to angled impacts, dissipating the impact force and vastly reducing the likelihood of injury.

The helmet construction features an injection-molded polycarbonate exterior with long lasting durability and ding-resistant strength fused with an EPS liner for added comfort creating a sleek low profile lid. The passive ventilation works to keep you cool and the goggle ventilation channel ensures your goggles won't fog up either. The liners and ear pads are lined in low pill, expedition fleece which keeps you cosy and comfortable all season long wicking away any moisture.

The auto adjust fit system allows you to throw the helmet on and know it will fit perfect every time and the innovative Fidlock closure makes clipping in super simple with the magnetic snap buckles, so you can secure the helmet quickly while wearing gloves or with one hand. The liner and earpads are also completely removable if you like to wear a beanie underneath, you can even add after market audio drop-ins to listen to your favourite tracks as you tackle the mountain.

With a user friendly construction, lightweight materials and advanced impact protection, the Invert MIPS is an excellent choice for those looking for top protection at a reasonable price.

The Lowdown
  • Construction: Injection Molded ABS with MIPS technology
  • Fit: Auto adjust fit system
  • Ventilation:Passive, fixed open vents
  • Lining: Expedition Fleece
  • Ear Pads: Fleece lined and removable
  • Audio: Not included - Compatible with most aftermarket Audio Drop Ins.
  • Goggle Compatibility: Compatible with all Anon goggles and most brands worn both under and over the helmet
  • Certification: CE 1077B & ASTM 2040
  • Weight: 410g
  • Helmet Bag: No
Anon are Burton's very own goggle, helmet & sunglasses brand and is long established as one of the leading snowboard accessories labels with a proud reputation for innovation, quality and style.
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