Anon M4 Ski/Snowboard Goggle Spare Lens

M4 Ski/Snowboard Goggle Spare Lens


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Perceive cylindrical replacement lens for Anon M4 ski/snowboard goggles


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About the Anon M4

This Perceive Sunny Bronze cylindrical replacement lens for Anon M4 ski/snowboard goggles is ideal for bright and sunny conditions.

Perceive lenses have been designed to increase depth perception and enhance contrast for higher definition. Colour absorbers filter light in two spectrums to sharpen visual awareness, improving terrain recognition so you can easily pick out your lines in the snow.

The lens is coated in Hydrophobic to create a low friction outer layer to reduce water retention, repelling if from the surface. The Oleophobic coating reduces smudging by 80% for easy cleaning and longer shelf life.

The lens also has ICT (Integral Clarity Tech), this tech offers enhanced anti fogging treatment to ensure when temperatures change, fog won't ruin your run keeping the inside of the lens clear, shedding moisture away.

The Anon M4 is compatible with both cylindrical lenses and spherical (toric) lens designs. Cylindrical provide a smaller, classic look with reduced volume preventing the goggles form looking chunky.

Features Include
  • Lens Shape: Cylindrical
  • Lens Tint: Perceive Sunny Bronze
  • Lens Finish: Mirror
  • UV Protection: 100% UVA/B/C protection
  • VLT: 17%
  • Lens Category: S3
  • Ideal Conditions: Sunny/Bright light
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