Anon Paneled Kids' MFI Fleece Neckwarmer
Anon Paneled Kids' MFI Fleece Neckwarmer

Paneled Kids' MFI Fleece Neckwarmer

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Anon Paneled Kids' MFI Fleece Neckwarmer Anon Paneled
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Fleece neckwarmer designed for use with Kid's Anon MFI goggles

About the Anon Paneled

The Kid's Paneled Neckwarmer from Anon is cut with a relaxed fit, and constructed with stretch fleece fabric for optimal warmth and comfort against the skin.

This warm and versatile facemask is fitted with Anon MFI technology. MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) allows the facemask to be magnetically secured to the bridge of compatible Anon goggles. When MFI goggles are teamed up with MFI facemasks it creates a seamless barrier against the elements.

MFI technology eliminates the need to tuck your facemask under your goggles, and in turn, this reduces the chance of goggles fogging up. This is perhaps the best system out there for keeping the weather out and keeping your vision clear.

This neck warmer is compatible with all Kid's Anon MFI models.

The Lowdown
  • Material: Stretch Fleece fabric
  • Adjustability: None
  • Compatibility: Kid's MFI
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Fit: Relaxed fit
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