7 Reasons to try Rock Climbing

7 Reasons to try rock climbing & bouldering

If you're desperately watching the sky waiting for it to snow, why not try a new sport this summer? Jamie Nicholls and Katie Omerod are known to rock climb when they aren’t pulling insane moves on their snowboards so there really is no reason for you not to give it a chance.

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Here are some additional reasons to give rock climbing a go:

It is a great cardiovascular and muscular workout
Whatever your main sport is, rock climbing will complement it by working all your core muscles in one session. It will increase your strength, balance and flexibility while toning your entire body. We guarantee it is way more entertaining than a standard gym workout and twice the fun.

It is mentally stimulating
Not only does rock climbing work out your body, it works your mind. Concentration is necessary for each move you make and as you progress tricky moves will create a fusion of frustration, fear, determination and stubbornness in which determination wins every time. That feeling becomes addictive as you aim for higher and harder problems. Rock climbing will improve your risk-assessment and problem solving skills as well as make you self-aware that your perceived limitations are there to be broken.

Social and versatile
Climbing is a super social sport but at the same time you are up against yourself and therefore can push yourself as much or as little as you like with both indoor and outdoor climbs. Choose between bouldering, top roping, sport climbing or traditional climbing (stay tuned for more about these at a later date) and keep track of your progression with graded routes. Gym routes will change every few months and the outdoors is so vast that you never have to do the same climb twice.

Incredible views
Outdoor climbing venues are almost always guaranteed to have awesome views because you are out in nature and usually high up overlooking the world. Getting into rock climbing is the perfect excuse to travel to some amazing places and climb all over them.

Sense of achievement
There is no better feeling than that of reaching the top of a climb or getting past a move that you have been stuck on for weeks. As mentioned before, this will keep you coming back for more and the feeling of success will be reflected in your other daily activities.

Potential snow cross over
Another aspect of rock climnbing is ice climbing which can help you access new terrain in the winter for potential back country riding with a sick ascent as well as descent.

Never boring
In summary, there are always going to be new routes to conquer, new moves to learn, technique to improve and you can say goodbye to boring repetitive gym work outs that feel forced. Have fun and stay fit at the same time by rock climbing.

So, grab a friend and make them come with you to your nearest climbing wall and give it a go. When you’re hooked, come back here and check out our Rock & Outdoor department which is kitted out with all the rock climbing equipment you need to get started. With everything from our huge selection of chalk bags from Charko, Mammut and Moon to keep your sweaty hands dry to your own climbing shoes so you don’t have to share rental ones. We also offer quality climbing harness packages as a great value for money starter kit.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us a message if you have any climbing related questions, we are more than happy to help!