An Absolute Guide to Storing Your Winter Gear Over Summer

An Absolute Guide to Maintaining Your Winter Gear

The season’s coming to an end and what a season it’s been! Unless you’re lucky enough to be heading to the southern hemisphere to chase snow, most of you will be packing up your gear and throwing it in a cupboard somewhere until next winter.

The last thing you want is to take your board or skis out of hibernation only to find the summer months haven’t been kind and it’s in an unrecognizable state. So here are some tips on how to treat and store your snow gear over the summer months…

1. Clean It Up.

The most common mistake made is to throw your hardware into a bag, stick it in a dark corner and forget all about it. Get rid of the dirt, mud, beer and whatever else has been collecting over the season. Avoid using degreasers or detergents as this could damage the construction of your bindings - you’ll usually find that water and a cloth is pretty good at getting rid of the muck! You need to make sure your board or skis are totally dry before you put them back in their storage bag. The same goes for your soft goods, your jacket and trousers can get really grubby by the end of the winter season. Don’t worry though, there’s a whole selection of gear cleaner and tech wash that will get your outerwear looking almost as good as new!

An Absolute Guide to Storing Your Winter Gear

2. Check Your Edges.

As the season draws to an end you may not have noticed that your edges have developed some rust or taken a few knocks whilst out riding. Getting that rust off now is better (and much easier!) than trying to do it six months later. There are plenty of home tuning kits available so sharpening up your edges will clean them up and will give you an added bonus of being able to get straight on the hill when the snow hits next season.

3. Wax On.

Hot waxing your base is one of the most common practices in order to protect your board or skis over the summer months. Adding a thick layer of hot wax to the base (including the edges) helps against rust and humidity. We recommend using a wax like you would use at the beginning of the season, as when the time comes you won’t have to re-apply. Basically, do half a job: add the wax but don’t scrape it off. When you take your board or skis out next season you’ll just have a fresh layer of wax to remove before you’re ready to go!

An Absolute Guide to Storing Your Winter Gear

4. Storage.

Having a good place to store your stuff is great but having a good bag to stash it all in plays a big part. There are so many great ski and board bags available so, if you don’t have one, now is the time to invest. Humidity is your gear’s enemy and you run the risk of rust and damp which can lead to mould. We suggest storing everything together as, when summer flies by, all your stuff will be in one place. Storing your board upright will help keep the camber intact and you won’t run the risk of putting heavy items on top and damaging the board. The same goes for skis, and don’t let anyone tell you that loosening the tension on your ski bindings for storing is essential. This can cause problem with your boots and your settings when the winter season rolls around so it’s best just to leave you skis as they are. If you’re storing all your outerwear in the same bag over the summer, make sure it’s all dry when packing it away as you don’t want any surprises when you get it out in 6 months’ time.

An Absolute Guide to Storing Your Winter Gear

5. Put 'Em Up.

There’s another option for storing your board or skis if you fancy showing them off to the world. We stock a good range of ski and board wall docks - perfect for attaching your pride of joy to the wall for everyone to see. It does however mean that you’ll get a daily reminder that it’s not snowing outside and there’s a bit of a wait for the winter season.

6. Don't Forget Your Boots.

Most boot liners a removable, so pull them out, clean them and dry them out. This is also a great time to have a good look over them as see if anything needs replacing, like the laces or the heel. It’s also the perfect time to check the inside of the boot and give it a clean as this will also prolong its lifespan. Once everything is dry, pop the liner back in and secure the boot on a light setting. This helps to keep the boots shape.

7. Wait For The Snow.

Now you can relax, enjoy the sunshine and wait for the snow to start falling… the season will be here again before you know it!