New Scarpa Rock Climbing Shoes Autumn 2014

For Autumn 2014, Scarpa have improved and replaced two long time favourite rock climbing shoes.

Ultimate Lightweight Precision

The Booster has been upgraded and renamed Scarpa Booster Swhich is an even lighter version of its big brother. The Booster S is a super flexible shoe thanks to its 1/3 Vibram outsole; this leaves room for a Tri-Tension rand which is a three directional tensioning system that holds your foot in place from below and enhances the power transfer to the forefoot whilst providing stability through an asymmetrical support ribbon. The flexibility allows more natural movement on overhanging routes. In combination, the Tri-tension rand means that dynamic moves can be made swiftly with tones of power behind them. Throw in Scarpa's super sticky Vibram XS Grip 2 which will keep you stuck to the rock whilst remaining robust and you have the perfect sensitive and responsive shoe.

Other additional details to make the fit outstanding, the tongue is gusseted for great comfort and fit while two opposing velcro straps allow you to properly fit the shoe down eliminating extra space. A rubber toe patch will boost toe hooking capabilities and heel hooking is enhanced by ridges on the sole which also helps with grip while down climbing or standing around the crag.

It's bright colours will remind you to keep an eye on your foot placements and ultimately work with you to pefect those placements. If you're the type of climber who likes to feel exactly what is in contact with your foot, this is definitely the shoe for you. The Booster S is a super light, sensitive and responsive performance shoe which is ideal for bouldering and sport climbing.

Scarpa Booster S

For those of you looking to go light and fast and appreciate sensitive response on your feet, the Booster S is another great design by Heinz Mariacher that will be rocking your local climbing gym and crag very soon.

New All-Around Rock Climbing Shoe


Scarpa's new all-round, all-day comfort shoe available now is the Scarpa Velocity and Scarpa Velocity Woman. These retain the all day comfort that many beginners learnt to love in Scarpa's previous all day shoes, the Scarpa Reflex's.

Their main point of difference comes from a more snug heel cup, for better fit and a more comfortable gusset at the tongue, this will no doubt be the new standard for level-entry climbers looking to progress both indoors and outdoors. For more advanced and intermediate climbers after an all day shoe, nothing is stopping you from sizing down for a more technical fit.

The other more visible difference is the colour palette which has been updated to a funky retro yet space age design that is sure to appeal to all ages.

These new additions to the 2014 range are fresh out of the factory and in our warehouse ready to find a new home.

If you aren't quite ready for something new and prefer the tried and tested, grab a bargain as the last of the Scarpa Reflex and Scarpa Reflex women make space for their newer counterparts.