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Stay Stoked On Snowboarding During Lockdown

In these strange times don't let snowboarding take a back seat. Keep training, stay fit and make sure you know everything you need to know ready for the next time you get on the slopes.

Progress your snowboarding without leaving your front door with guidance from Real Snowboarding.


Kit you need to practice snowboarding off the snow. Grab your snowboard, an old skateboard or even a peice of wood and start practicing.



The backside boardslide. One of the first tricks that you can learn on a snowboard.



Pretzel on a snowboard. Step up your rail game and start spinning out of the trick in the opposite direction to the way you jumped into it.



A frontside board slide and a frontside nose slide are two different tricks because they use different parts of the snowboard. More than often they will find themselves under the front foot while doing so


Real Snowboarding, Learn to snowboard the REAL way with top qualified British instructors.

Perfect your balance, work-out and make that pre-season fitness a little more fun !


Be strong focused, flexible and enhance recovery.

Improve your snowboarding whilst you stay home.


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Time For a Tune Up?

Whilst you have this free time at home, why not give your gear some attention and store away the right way.

Need help picking your snowboard ?

Let us advise you on the perfect snowboard to suit your style and ability. 

Join the fight against Covid-19

Donate your goggles to the NHS. Find out how.