Black Diamond Eco Gold Liquid Rock Climbing Chalk

Eco Gold Liquid Rock Climbing Chalk

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Black Diamond Eco Gold Liquid Rock Climbing Chalk Black Diamond Eco Gold Liquid
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Super-grippy & eco-friendly liquid climbing chalk from Black Diamond


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About the Black Diamond Eco Gold Liquid

Black Diamond's cunning new ECO Gold Liquid Chalk gives you all the extra grip you need in all kinds of climbing conditions.

The ECO Gold is made from a pure magnesium carbonate that is a byproduct of the desalination process - rather than being mined from the earth like typical climbing chalk - so it's more pure and eco-friendly than other chalk products out there.

Non-toxic and dust-free, the ECO Gold Liquid is as easy on the environment as it is on your hands.

The Lowdown
  • Volume: 150ml
  • Fast-drying & smooth texture
  • Engineered using byproduct from desalination plants
  • Dust-free composition ideal for redpoints, humid conditions or indoor gyms
  • No mess, non-toxic coating keeps hands dry & improves grip
Black Diamond have been making top end gear for climbing and skiing since 1957 by taking their experiences on rock, ice, and snow to make some of the best gear for climbers and skiers all over the world.
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