Blue Ice Alpine Runner 90cm Climbing Dogbone Sling
Blue Ice Alpine Runner 90cm Climbing Dogbone Sling

Alpine Runner 90cm Climbing Dogbone Sling

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Blue Ice Alpine Runner 90cm Climbing Dogbone Sling Blue Ice Alpine Runner 90cm
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Highly versatile single strand sling runner from Blue Ice


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About the Blue Ice Alpine Runner 90cm

The Blue Ice Alpine Runner has been through years of innovation.

Aiming to solve the problem of racking slings and to minimise awkward situations of extending slings in the mountains. This coupled with a hatred of the sewn-in section of traditional slings which is always in the wrong place when coiling provided the inspiration for Blue Ice to improve on the design.

The Blue Ice Alpine Runner is a single reef cord that can be fitted between two carabiners similar to a traditional sling but operates in a slightly different way.

The construction is formed from one continuous yarn of high-tenacity polyethene that is wrapped multiple times to make a continuous closed loop, the same technique is used in the magic ring belay loops. Opposite ends are protected with a sewn sheath while the middle loop is then braided with a polyester sheath for protection.

This creates a runner-style sling but with only one continuous strand with a loop that links each side in a continuous closed system that adheres to the EN566 standard. As the design is continuous it improves safety with no additional need for stitching while removing that hardened stitch area of regular slings.

A big advantage is the Alpine runner is protected from mechanical abrasion throughout its lifetime due to the exterior braided poly sheath. The single-strand design provides exceptional dexterity when used as a runner.

Carried in multiple ways - folded as a traditional runner, twisted as a sling or clipped to a carabiner this may not replace your traditional sling, but it is a highly advantageous bit of kit to add to your arsenal.

The lowdown
  • Materials: UHMWPE core and HTPE braded sheet
  • Available in different lengths : 35, 55, 90 and 110 cm
  • Weight: 35 cm = 14g / 55 cm = 20 g / 90 cm = 32 g / 110 cm = 38 g
  • PLEASE NOTE: Carabiner's not included

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