Body Glide Skin Glide Anti-Friction Cream

Skin Glide Anti-Friction Cream

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Body Glide Skin Glide Anti-Friction Cream Body Glide Skin Glide
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Moisturising anti-friction cream from Body Glide


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About the Body Glide Skin Glide

The Body Glide Skin Glide Anti-Friction Cream is designed to protect hard-to-reach places, and helps to prevent blisters and rubbing during sporting activities like running, hiking, and walking. This plant-based cream creates a protective, anti-friction film that allows your skin to breath. The cream is also sweat resistant so won't clog pores, and guarantees all-day protection no matter the conditions.

The Skin Glide Anti-Friction Cream from Body Glide is perfect for use on arms, thighs, between the toes, and other areas prone to friction and chafing. Its non-greasy formula moisturises and revitalises the skin, allowing you to stay active for longer and maintain a pain-free lifestyle. It is quick to apply, and promises to stop skin irritation before it even starts!

  • Anti-friction crean to help prevent blisters and chafing
  • Made from allergen-free plant-based ingredients
  • Not tested on animals; vegan friendly

Body Glide

Founded in Caifornia in 1996, Body Glide was created for active people who didn't want to let anything hold them back. From running to climbing to hiking, Body Glide offers invisible protection against blisters and chafing so that you can keep conquering the outdoors.
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