Designed, developed and tested in Scandinavia, the Gateway1 range of outdoor footwear has been produced to offer optimal fit, function and comfort, even under the most severe conditions.


Inspired by the frontiersmen during the pioneering days of the USA's birth and their chosen landing spots named 'Gateway One', Gateway1 have developed their footwear to offer all the functionality that was needed in the early days on the frontiers, even in the harshest weather and environments.

They chose the North American bison, often called buffalo, and illustrated like the native Indians as their logo– a symbol of strength and survival even under the most severe conditions.

Every boot has been made to offer rugged protection in the outdoors, from waterproofing in wet weather conditions to insulation for extreme cold temperatures. Gateway1's range of outdoors wellies and boots guarantee an excellent fit and optimal comfort along with the rugged durability and high function you need to answer the demands of the great outdoors.

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