Julbo have been manufacturing eyewear since 1888, driven by their taste for adventure and their desire to innovate, adapt and allow everyone to see the world even more clearly.


Julbo began life in Morez, France in the late 19th century. The business started with one idea in mind...innovation. At the request of Chamonix crystal hunters, Julbo founder Jules Baud designed the first Cristalliers glacier sunglasses. Years ahead of its time, these specs minimised glare for its wearers. As with the Cristalliers, Julbo have since continued to innovate, adapt and ensure the highest standards are maintained in each and every one of their products.

With a history of performance in the harshest environments found on Earth, Julbo developed and tested their range with technical input from the first Frenchman to climb three 8000s (peaks over 8000m high), Yannick Seigneur. Soon after in the 1990s, having secured its reputation as a benchmark for sun protection in extreme environments, Julbo applied its expertise to the manufacturing of eye protection for children and soon after developed a special baby range.

Nowadays, Julbo funnels its many years of technological expertise and knowledge into developing ski/snowboard goggles and helmets, as well as their original ranges of eyewear and protection. They still create their entire range with the same enthusiasm for adventure and passion to allow people to pursue their dreams and see the world with even more clarity.

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