KUPILKA combine Finnish traditions with the very best materials, functionality, quality and aesthetics.


Kupilka go back a very long way indeed. Inspired by a style of cup first carved by a man in 1775 in the Karelia region of Eastern Finland, Kupilka produce a range of stunning plates, bowls and cutlery made with care, striking detailing and natural beauty. The ‘Harakkakupp' (or ‘Magpie Cup’ in English) brings enjoyment to millions on public display in a museum, much like their products do across the globe today.
The company’s creator Kari Kuisma is a distant descendant of those from the Karelia region. In 2003, he partnered with the industrial designer Heikki Koivurova to create the classic KUPILKA 21 cup. Everything went from there.
Purchased by Plasthill in 2014, Kupilka’s ethos live on through a company that is just as devoted to telling stories and maintaining ecological values as Kari was, who now fronts the Plasthill domestic sales team.
Plastill are the first Finnish company to incorporate environmentally-friendly EKOenergy electricity into all of its production processes. Furthermore, the Kupilka product range uses KARELINE® Natural Fibre Composites and is a partner of the Centre for Wood Technology in North Karelia.
Buy Kupilka and bring a Nordic edge to your dining experience.

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