Odyssey are well known throughout BMX and for good reason their parts have become somewhat of a standard that other companies are judged on. Odyssey were the first BMX Company to produce Gyros and the first to use 41 thermal heat treating which prompted tem to offer lifetime guarantees on their Forks, Handlebars and Cranks.

The parts list that Odyssey presents is extensive to say the least. I'm not going to list everything they do it would take up too much space but if you imagine a BMX then remove the frame that's about it. They are also one of the last BMX companies to stock flatland products and sponsor flatland riders which is to be commended as a lot have let that side of BMX slip into the history books.

Odyssey have a whole list of sponsored riders and as you can imagine they are all rad. Gary Young, Mike Aitken, Jim Cielencki, Mat Beringer, K.C. Badger, Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk and the list goes on and on and on.


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