PAG Neckwear

PAG Neckwear supply a range of technical face and neck gear that not only keeps you protected from the cold and heat but ensures that you look great whatever the activity.

PAG Neckwear

PAG's story is one rooted in family, tradition and French craft and quality. Victor Daviet, just sixteen and a passionate snowboarder, began to search for a solution to coldness he experienced around the neck when on the slopes. With the help of his crafty grandmother and after a few failed attempts at building a prototype, Victor developed the first PAG neckwarmer and a brand and business was born!

After an inspirational trip to the United States with his brother, Victor bagan to apply artwork and graphics to his range of neckwarmers. As technology improved and his collection of neckwarmers grew, PAG took on a number of high-profile ambassadors such as Ben Thomas-Javid, Victor De Le Rue, Golden Garcia Leal, Paul Obermosser to sport their products.

PAG continue to grow to this day, and Victor's Grandmother still has a hands-on role within the business! She is now supported by fashion designer Louise Porche to produce a range of head and neck warmers that are at home equally on the street as they are in the mountains.

PAG Neckwear combines technical expertise with a passion for mountain riding to produce unbeatable head, neck and face protection against the cold, wind, sun and humidity.

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