Patizon supply a range of high-quality and comfortable sleeping bags for camping, mountaineering, backpacking, and traveling.


Patizon are a passionate and innovative sleeping bag manufacturer founded in the Czech Republic. Patizon's bags are not only the sleeping sack of choice used by the most daring explorers across the world but are also fantastic options for fast-moving trekking, backpacking and mountaineering.

Patizon was thought up by outdoor enthusiasts who dreamed of having a piece of gear they could call their own whilst out exploring. Aware of the importance of a good night's sleep when out in the great outdoors, they began designing their own range of down sleeping bags. Before long, the brand Patizon was born. Today, their range of sleeping bags includes versatile all-around options from 3-season sleep sacks to 4-season bags for ultra-cold environments. Patizon sleeping bags not only look great, but are functional, comfortable, and extremely lightweight.

Patizon refers to themselves as 'passionate perfectionists' and fine-tune each of their sleeping bags to the minutest of details to ensure they deliver the best possible experience to outdoor enthusiasts, mountaineers, and backpackers all over the world.

The company also prides itself on using sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods and environmentally-friendly materials in its products.

Their DPro Series bags use a premium European Duck Down with 700 CUIN with a 90/10 ratio. This high-quality insulation blends warmth, compressibility and low weight with outstanding moisture management. This down is hypoallergenic, cleaned by a biodegradation process and certified by RDS (Responsible Down Standard) and IDFL (International Down & Feather Laboratory) to ensure the highest quality in production and use.


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