Tucked away in Småland, Sweden, Pinewood thrives at the intersection of nature and innovation, redefining what outdoor clothing means.


In Småland, Pinewood aren't just a brand; they're a family, tightly woven into the fabric of their community. Pinewood lives the outdoor lifestyle, breathing every mountain breeze, and stepping on every forest trail, just like the adventurers who rely on their gear. They're not some distant entity but a part of the real world, sharing the same passion as their customers.

From humble beginnings in a basement in 1994, Pinewood has burgeoned into a modern industry with 30 dedicated individuals. Along the way, the company has expanded, introduced sustainability initiatives, and upheld an unwavering commitment to nature. As they mark 25 years of remarkable growth, Pinewood embarks on new horizons, endeavouring that 50% of their forthcoming products employ sustainable materials. Though they've evolved, the essence of Pinewood endures, ever-connected to the great outdoors, a testament to their genuine commitment to preserving the natural world.


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