Pomoca are a world-renowned Swiss manufacturer, known for their innovative ski touring skins and an extensive range of accessories that cater to adventurers of all skill levels, setting the standard in the world of winter sport for over 8 decades.


Founded more than 80 years ago, Pomoca are a world-leading manufacturer of ski-touring skins and accessories from Switzerland, belonging to the Obarlp Group of outdoor and mountain sport brands as of 2011. The Dufour family has a rich history in tourism and winter sports dating back to 1870, starting with Louis Dufour, who introduced skis to the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In the 1930s, Louis' son, Éric, developed a canvas rescue sled with skis and poles, and the family expanded into producing non-slip and adhesive skins, mountain accessories, and rubber soles for shoes around 1941. Éric and his wife, Antoinette, managed the company until 1988. In 1996, their son Guy took over, contributing his expertise in rubber for POMOCA skins, which excel in waterproofing.

Their premium products are suitable for backcountry tour skiers of all experience levels, from beginner to competitive race, climb, and free riders. They have a sustainable approach of "repair instead of waste", meaning they'll attempt to fix any faulty product before sending out a brand new one.

With over 80 years of innovation and product quality, POMOCA has earned a global reputation as a leader in climbing skins, consistently developing new products to amaze ski mountaineering enthusiasts.

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