With a collection of products developed over 20 years and made to military specs, Rok is the world leader in mega-tough & super-safe straps.


Rok Straps is the brainchild of Australian engineer Gary McCay, who while studying at university became aware of the horrific amount of eye injuries caused by elasticated cords and bungee straps.

Inspired to use his skills to do something about all these avoidable accidents, Gary went on to form Rok Straps 25 years ago, with the simple ambition to design and manufacture safer straps using a new design of solid rubber shock cord with a tight nylon outer braid. His ingenious design has significantly less recoil if released under tension and Rok™ Hooks are designed to eliminate bending, breaking and sharp edges.

Rok's patented designs have inherently superior design qualities which make them safer, stronger, and longer lasting. They're also quicker to use than other straps on the market. This ingenious development is one of the key reasons why Rok products are today sold in over 24 countries, regularly used by professionals, trades of all kinds, as well as keen DIYers.

Rok's epic products range from military hardware and general-purpose tie-downs to motorcycle and cycle straps, as well as an impressive range of pet products, some of which are sold right here at Absolute Snow.


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