Rumpl offer a range of technical blankets and other comfort products packed with the latest innovations for both the outdoor adventure market and general use.


Based out of Portland, Oregon, Rumpl make premium blankets, towels, ponchos, and pillowcases finely tuned to balance comfort and performance perfectly, making them ideal for just about everyone whether you’re at a festival, competing in triathlons, or relaxing around the campfire.
Rumpl is the brainchild of a pair of ski and surf enthusiasts whose van broke down in sub-zero temperatures whilst they were on one of their adventures. Tucked into their sleeping bags whilst waiting for help to arrive, they came up with the idea of a “sleeping bag blanket” which would combine the technical performance of a sleeping bag with the comfort of your ordinary household blanket.
They had stumbled upon something ingenious. Up to then, blanket manufacturers hadn’t gone anywhere near the technology you would find in activewear and outdoor apparel. Rumpl was born and before long, the brand expanded out into creating other technical comfort products.
Years of testing and molding the very latest technologies enables Rumpl to stand today as experts in their field. Their passion is shown through the meticulous detail, very latest technology and stunning designs found in each of their products.


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