Sea to Summit

One of the most authentic and innovative outdoor brands of the modern era, Sea to Summit design and create durable, lightweight and compact gear allowing you to confidently explore wherever you want.

Sea to Summit

Inspired by a dream to climb Mount Everest from sea level, Sea to Summit was born to create lightweight, compact and durable gear designed to take you from sea level to summit.

With a passion for constantly being at the helm of new techniques for improving the quality of outdoor gear, Sea to Summit spend years designing, creating, and testing their products, and with their team with over a century of outdoor experience between them, they are at the top of their game.

One such innovation is their cutting-edge range of sleeping mattresses. These air mattresses utilise the latest technology including innovative construction, insulation, fabric, valves, and coating to create something highly unique for a better outdoor experience from Arctic expeditions to family camping.

It's not just sleeping mats that Sea to Summit strives to be the best at: they create fantastic accessories, including cooking gear, pack protection, electronic protection and much more.

With the highest quality in mind and a passion for durability and sustainability and for creating the best outdoor adventure experience for everyone, Sea to Summit are the leader in their industry.

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