Sidas provide gel and non-gel insoles, socks, and boot warmers for all types of footwear, as well as foot care accessories. Whether you run, hike, cycle, ski or snowboard, Sidas will have something that will keep your feet comfortable and you performing to your very best.


Sidas carries out its research using a global approach, soliciting the help of chiropodists, pedorthists, engineers, doctors, biomechanics, osteopaths and footwear professionals, all of whom have complementary expertise. With their experts and top-level athletes, innovation is at the heart of Sidas. This process, carried out by the Research & Development department, enables tomorrow’s Podiatech and Conform'able products to be developed. These products follow a manufacturing processes that the company fully masters thanks to the capacity of its production site and partnerships formed with industrial leaders.

Sidas lives by four core values: Innovation, Passion, Performance, and Commitment. Reducing their environmental impact is also at the forefront of Sidas' mind and in 2009 they moved into a new eco-friendly head office. More recently, the Sidas World Foundation has been created to actively support structures that help maintain and rehabilitate natural ecosystems.

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