Developed over almost 90 Norwegian winters, Skogstad's weatherproof apparel is super reliable, beautifully affordable, and made for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors.


Founded in 1937 by Halstein Skogstad in a tiny Norwegian town on the shores of Nordfjord, Skogstad originally made trousers and jackets for local factories and companies. From the beginning, Skogstad was focused on excellent product development and innovation, becoming the first supplier in the Norwegian sports industry to craft waterproof and windproof children’s products with taped seams. The company went on to be considered one of the market leaders in the development of world-class quality outdoor clothing for little ones.

Today, Skogstad has grown into a trusted brand renowned for creating epic quality clothing for the whole family. That original dedication to innovation, enjoyable design, and sensible pricing remains, and the company still keeps product development and customer needs at the centre of everything it does.


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