Quality, affordable camping, travel, & outdoor blankets & towels with an inspired design & sustainable ethic...


Quality, affordable camping, travel, & outdoor blankets & towels with an inspired design & sustainable ethic...
Founded by way of California and Hawaii in 2015, three friends started Slowtide as a product of their lifestyle. After spending long days at the beach, they realized that there was no towel that was both exciting and fit their daily needs; so they set out to create one. Dario Phillips, Kyle Spencer, and Wylie Von Tempsky left their corporate jobs to build a new canvas for art in the form of a towel. Inspired by all bodies of water and a love of art, Slowtide is a collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products.

SlowtIde created a new medium for art, catering to a love of the beach, nature, travel, and comfort. They took a category that was otherwise mundane and turned it into a work of art. Blending design and functionality, Slowtide collaborate with brands, artists, and photographers to bring beautiful, unique designs, all while maintaining premium, sustainable quality.

They are incessantly inspired by our travels and the world around us. From surfing, to camping, to yoga, and more, we wanted to create a premium product that fit every activity and looked good doing it. Slowtide offers a new canvas to a plethora of artists including Takashi Murakami, Clark Little, and Kevin Lyons. They strive to create high-quality products that are universally useful.

Slowtide is committed to creating superlative products that are guaranteed to last. We have traveled around the world in search of the best factories, assuring they have fair working conditions and happy employees. Since their inception, they have become towel experts: They think of the things that no one else considers to provide the best product possible. From sustainable materials, to details like size, weight, weaving techniques, hanging loops, and reusable packaging, quite frankly, they’ve thought of it all.  They obsess over the little details so you have a product you will truly fall in love with.

Slowtide is dedicated to leaving a positive impression. Every garment they make impacts our environment, and they take responsibility for doing everything they can to minimize, control, and reduce those impacts.

All of their cotton is certifiably sourced through the Cotton LEADS program, assuring the material is responsibly produced. Additionally, all of their polyester products are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, primarily plastic bottles, transforming it into premium polyester fibers. They actively use clean factories and responsible materials for all of their products. Using sustainable products not only helps the planet, but it ensures your product will last as well.

Slowtide understands the importance of working together to create a better world. They believe that it is our responsibility to give back wherever we can. That is why they seek organizations with shared values and support them through their initiatives. Slowtide is determined to facilitate change through community outreach, education, and donation.


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